• Organic grape
    Real wine takes origin from organic or biodynamic grapes
  • Organic vineyard
    respecting the people and the Earth during the work in vineyards
  • Tastings at Sorgentedelvino LIVE
    Real wines are more tasty, pleasant and healthy when you put them on your table


Three days in Piacenza to taste natural, traditional and terroir wines of 150 winegrowers from Italy and Europe

Sorgentedelvino LIVE is a yearly event dedicated to Italian natural, traditional and terroir wines. Since 2009 it is a great chance know and taste the wines of 150 carefully selected winegrowers, but also to meet the person who thought and made the wine, winegrowers are present with their wines, their history, their terroir and traditions.

The event is organized by the cultural association Echofficine to promote wines born from a respectful relationship between man and nature: we try to go and know personally all wines, wineries and winegrowers and invite to partecipate the ones that we appreciate both for the quality of the products that of the production process beyond any certification.

We look for natural work in the vineyards (organic, biodynamic or traditional) and in the cellar, we also want to give a chance for growing and make an experience to those winegrowers that are on the road to make natural wines. In Sorgentedelvino LIVE you can find mainly small and medium sized wineries that produce really unique wines.

Piacenza: the fair, the city and the district

The fair of Piacenza is extremely easy to join landing in the airports of Bologna, Milano (just 60km far) and Bergamo. The city of Piacenza offers a pleasant historical center and the roundabouts are well known as a fascinating hilly wine district.