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Sorgentedelvino LIVE, the 7th year for the Italian natural wine live event

On February 14th to 16th, 2015 in Piacenza Expo, the unique and unrepeatable wines of over 150 natural winegrowers

Once upon a time all the wine was natural, as all of our food was. Nowadays food and wine are often modified through chemical and technological means letting many people forget the real taste of bread and the real scent of a ripe peach. Also wine has lost its essence but we can still find it tasting and drinking a real wine produced by a natural winegrower.

From Saturday 14th to Monday16th February, 2015 in Piacenza Expo opens the 7th edition of Sorgentedelvino LIVE one of the most interesting wine events in Italy that offers the visitor a wide and careful selection of Italian natural, traditional and terroir wines by over 150 winegrowers. With them there will be a small selection of international winegrowers from vocated European areas and the traditional tastes of Italian food artisan. A really attractive chance to know the actual natural wine production and the real taste of food.

Italian natural wine has reached in the last years an excellent quality level preserving the characteristics that make Italy one of the most rich and pleasant wine areas in the world: the great biodiversity, the many authocthon grape varieties, the richness of vocated terroirs and the different local traditions make of natural Italian wine a treasure to be discovered. In Sorgentedelvino LIVE winelovers and operators from allover the world can taste wines from well known terroirs such as Barolo, Chianti or Montalcino, but also find unknown pearls from emerging areas such as Calabria and Basilicata in Southern Italy, little areas of Campania, the mountain wines of Valtellina and Valle d’Aosta, etc. Places where natural winegrowers let old traditions rebirth and give all winelovers great emotions and unique flavours.

The program of the event is enriched by guided tastings, meetings and conferences and the vision of a new short-film by Jonathan Nossiter, author of Natural Resistence.

The winegrowers’ tables can be visited Saturday 14th from 2pm to 7pm, Sunday 15th from 10am to 7pm, Monday 16th from 12am to 6pm. The entrance fee is 15€ and includes the tasting glass. Trade visitors can register on the website to attend the event for free.

Info: Sorgentedelvino LIVE
Tel: ++ 39 / 348 / 7186660
Email: live@sorgentedelvino.it
Web site: www.sorgentedelvinolive.org