Sorgentedelvino LIVE, discovering the true nature of wine

February 15th -17th 2014 at La Fonderia in Reggio Emilia (Italy) – unique and unrepeatable natural wines by 150 winemakers

The best Italian wines come from a farming culture which is deeply rooted in the land of origin, a know-how that needs no chemical or technological tricks, but an harmonious co-working of man, vineyard and climate. They are natural wines, bound to tradition and territory, produced by winemakers who have chosen to work in accordance with the laws of nature to give us every year, the joy of a unique and unrepeatable wine.

These are the wines that can be tasted from Saturday 15th to Monday 17th of February, 2014 at Fonderia in Reggio Emilia (Italy), the place where the 6th edition of Sorgentedelvino LIVE will take place. This year the event, born within the walls of the castle of Agazzano (PC) chose, as its scenario, a place of living culture: the headquarters of the National Dance Foundation – Aterballetto to emphasize, once again, that wine has always been and must continue to be culture and not a mere commodity.

During these three days, 150 winegrowers from all over Italy and some European regions will meet up: top names in winemaking together with small emerging wine producers, selected for the quality of their wines and the reliability of their work; in other words, emblazoned production areas next to territories, equally suited, but yet to be discovered.

Over 800 wines for tasting and direct sales, a unique opportunity to enjoy the most extensive overview of the Italian natural wine production and then go home with their own favorite bottles after tasting and having met the producer. “We crossed Italy – say the organizers – discovered vineyards, visited wineries, talked and tasted a lot over the years without ever stopping to feel amazed and to learn. There are wines that we have seen the birth of from the very first grape harvest, following them over the years and that we can enjoy today, together with who made, them, who will take them home and with who will suggest them in their restaurants. ”

Next to these authentic wines, the flavours of non-homologated food producers who will offer cheeses and cold cuts, olive oil and preserves, pasta and cakes made in a traditional way with a careful selection of the raw materials. The program is also enriched by wine tastings and in-depths.

Opening times: Saturday 15th from 14 to 19, Sunday 16th from 10 to 19, Monday 17th from 12 to 18. Entrance 15€ glass included.

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